Hi! I’m Mazz and welcome to the mazzouk website – it’s been a LONG time in the making so I really hope that you enjoy browsing our colourful, vibrant products and seeing everything (almost everything!) in one place (finally!)

mazzouk was founded on a whimsical trip to Marrakesh with my family in October 2016. Having visited Morocco a few times previously, each time blown away with the exotic treasures that I picked up along the way – I resolved to put £500 into stock (brought back in 7 suitcases – making full use of the children’s baggage allowance!) and held a few mazzouk parties at home to see what the feedback was. Everything sold. The next plane trip was booked and in January 2017 mazzouk was born!

The idea of mazzouk (literally Mazz’s souk) was to bring the best bits of my travels to you – having always loved travelling to farflung places and with a background & passion for retail - having worked for Topshop / Arcadia Group & L’Oreal. I currently source from Morocco, India, Turkey, Vietnam and soon… Senegal. Additionally, I fill the gaps in with fabulous finds that fit within my ‘souk’ collection from the UK as well.

The ethos behind mazzouk is: ‘’A one stop shop of gorgeous treasures to adorn your life & home’.

As the business has grown, I have developed some strong relationships with many of the artisans that make the products for me – at times, designing / importing and working with artisans in foreign climes can be daunting & frustrating (especially with language barriers) but the process has allowed me to forge some great friendships and I look forward to developing more along the way as mazzouk continues to grow.

In Guernsey (where I live with my childhood sweetheart since aged 9 (!) and our 3 children – not forgetting our cavapoochon Megan – who you will probably have seen on social media!) I regularly host mazzouk parties and pop ups. I absolutely love this side of the business as 10% of all sales can be given to a charity of the hostess’ choice. It has been so rewarding these past 18 months raising funds for charities that people are so passionate about. I have plans for this side of the business to grow… and look forward to sharing this with you as and when I ever get myself into gear (unlikely – seeing how long it has taken me to write this!).

Ultimately, I would like to thank you all for supporting me in my little venture since launch – I have met so many incredible people that I now class as friends. I look forward to the rest of 2018 and continuing to bring some colour & fun (and a slice of the exotic!) to your lives & homes.

With Love
Mazz x

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